Modern furniture fabric lends itself perfectly to steam cleaning methods. And it is a blessing as babies, pets, people’s pants and coffee will ruin a lovely sofa in no time.

If your chairs, armchairs and couches are upholstered with furniture, whether polyester, micromesh or other type, we have an appropriate cleaning solution for it. New advances in cleaning products have allowed The Carpet Magicians to utilize detergents that are higher in pH. As main benefits, they:

  • Emulsify dirt particles more thoroughly
  • Self-neutralize, which prevents discoloration of the fabric.

Although it may appear your furniture is beyond cleaning, the process used by The Carpet Magicians will restore your furniture’s clean appearance saving you thousands of dollars in replacement costs.


upholstery cleaning - hotel furnitureThe same rules apply to commercial-grade uphostery. The fabric is usually abused by years of use and a very large number of bottoms, hands and feet, most often dirty.

This is particularly the case in hotel lobbies and rooms where furniture takes on a whole new level of punishment in the hands of careless guests.

The Carpet Magicians has developed procedures to restore almost any fabric to a much improved look that will immediately make your reception area, your rooms and your offices much more welcoming. The process also deodorizes the fabric, something often very necessary considering “smell” is a primary contributor to guests’ experience.

Please read our clients’ reviews: our reputation and your satisfaction are everything to us.

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