Vynil tile cleaningIs the vinyl tile at your business or home dirty, scratched up or yellowing?  These are typical signs of vinyl tile that needs professional attention.

The Carpet Magicians has developed a unique process to restore your vinyl tile to its full professional appearance.

First, we completely strip off the old wax or sealer and buff out the entire floor.  We then steam clean and extract any dirt, sealer or debris, preparing the floor for re-coating.

We then apply a commercial grade sealer that can be mopped daily or burnished with polish, and keep its shiny professional appearance for years.

Three essential elements are needed to bring your vinyl tile back to life:

  • Specialized high power equipment
  • Professional & proven chemicals
  • The right process to put them together
The Carpet Magicians has mastered these elements and will restore your vinyl tile to a fantastic, shiny and professional appearance.


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Do your vinyl tiles or surface look as good as that?

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