Oriental rug cleaning by The Carpet Magicians

Oriental rugs are part and parcel of the interior design of many homes.
Attractive to the eye, these rugs can give an interior a cozy, comfortable nest vibe.

But by the same token, because of their situation in a home, oriental rugs accumulate a lot of small debris, dirt and dust shoes, pets, exercising and just everyday living.

Unfortunately, the accumulation of dirt and stains act to wear prematurely the fibers of a rug, resulting in permanent damage and dull colors.

In just a few short years, what used to be a flamboyant piece of artistry can become an eyesore and just a dog carpet.

Oriental Rug Cleaning - Removal of pet hair and stains

Gentle rug cleaning

Fortunately, The Carpet & Tile Magicians, LLC offers pick up & delivery for off-site Specialty Rug Cleaning.

Whether your rug is an oriental rug, or it is made of other wool/natural fibers, we will use the immersive wet method of cleaning to take care of your treasure.

This age-old process has proven to be effective in thoroughly cleaning the rug, while maintaining the integrity of the dyes and fibers.

We also use detergents that are very gentle on the fibers, while brightening the original colors.

Oriental rug cleaning with immersive wet process

Our rug cleaning process

1. We place the rug on a rack that allows the loose dirt and debris to be safely agitated out.

2. We then use the immersive wet method, with topical agitation and an environmentally friendly detergent to clean the rug.

3. Your rug is then properly air dried and rolled, before we return it to your home.

Oriental Rug Cleaning - Cleaning Pet Stains

Oriental rugs with tough stains

Even if your rug has tough staining problems, such as

• pet stains,
• wine stains,
• coffees stains,

or any of the many problematic stains, we have devised safe and effective treatments to take care of any problem.

Let’s clean your oriental rug back to beauty!

Cleaning your oriental rug regularly will greatly extend its life and use, while maintaining its beautiful appearance.

Call us! We are happy to inspect your rug(s) and offer a qualified opinion to help you make a decision. Call John at (520) 261-0837.