Would you lay down on your carpet in your birthday suit… without a second thought?

Carpet fibers collect absolutely everything that falls to the ground or that is rubbed on them. Dust, oils, hair, skin cells, mites, grime, fluids,… Foot traffic is the main culprit but drafts bringing dust from the outside, accidental spills, pets and just regular life are heavy contributors to ruining a perfectly good carpet.

Can anything be done about these types of soiling and stains?  Absolutely!

The Carpet Magicians uses the latest and safest available detergents and cleaners to tackle the tough dirt accumulated in your home.  The detergents we use:

  • Are baby & pet safe
  • Comply with manufacturers’ warranties
  • Will NOT leave residues that attract more dirt
  • Remove red stains
  • Treat pet stain and smells

The Carpet Magicians utilizes truck-mount steam cleaning equipment that cleans and extracts the dirt from your carpets quickly and efficiently. Our process also ensures very quick drying times for your convenience.

We come to your home quickly and we do our job at once to avoid bothering you and your family.

Please call us at 520-261-0837 and check out our client’s reviews to see how satisfied our clients are.

Whatever your type of carpet…

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