ceramic tile and groutHave you noticed your weekly or daily mopping does not return your ceramic tile and grout to its original clean color?

This is because mopping can only do so much and is primarily for daily or weekly cleaning. Since grout is porous, it takes a lot more than mopping to get the soils and stains out. Over the years The Carpet Magicians has developed a solid process that works all the time.

The Carpet Magicians first determines the type of grout and the coloring method used in the first place. This enables us to select the proper cleaning detergent & solvents.  We then apply the detergent and agitate the detergent in with a grout brush. Then we use our truck-mounted steam cleaning equipment and set our tile wand to a high pressure to penetrate deep into the grout.

The truck-mounted system immediately extracts the dirty water out into the truck’s holding tank. This means, no residue on your floor.

The result is clean tile and grout!

In most cases, your grout can greatly benefit from sealing or re-sealing to prevent the dirt from penetrating too deeply.

While this process has an additional cost, it will save on future cleaning costs. It will also alleviate your frustration with the aspect of your grout, and make your daily/weekly cleaning chores much more enjoyable.

To see how well our process work, read our clients’ reviews and call us at (520) 261-0837 for a free estimate to clean and restore your ceramic tile and grout to their original beauty.